Born Christopher P. Canty, in Houston, Texas, attended E.E. Worthing High where he was an all-star football player, after graduating he started a career in the security service industry working for Southern Protective Services one of Houston’s largest security firms. An ambitions entrepreneur he was determined, focused and committed on owning his own company. In 1987 through works and faith and work in God, his destiny to own his own company manifested opening C.P.C. Security Inc., the youngest solely owned full service security firm in the nation. In 1995 at the height of C.P.C Security Inc., prosperity as fate would have it he heard a voice call him by a new name, Hebrew, and he answered, I am here. The Spirit that called him educed him to pursue the truth to answer the proverbial question: Why am I here? That had mystified him all his life. A zealous and obedient man of God, he diligently took heed to the voice of the Spirit and pursed the truth. He was illuminated in the spirit by celestial spirits of Elohim for three years who bestowed unto him the wisdom of understanding of the word of Elohim revealing the mysteries of heaven beyond men knowledge. To show his gratitude he humbly locked his hair and made the vow of a Nazarite, giving his life over to serve Elohim, God of his fore fathers the Hebrews; Abraham, Isaac and Yaakov. In 1998 he authored and published the book: WHO WAS AD’AM? A Book of Remembrance [Mala 3:16]. In 2001 he authored and published the book: THE WHITE LIE THE BLACK TRUTH. In 2000 he was moved by Yhwh to build the company Divine Unity 1 (DU1) to be used as a vessel to gather people (especially women) of all races, creeds, colors, ethnic backgrounds, and religions to help them learn of the majesty, truth and love of Elohim that we may live as one in his Nation the Hebrew Nation. In 2003 he was commanded to return to school to pursue the children of Israel, he enrolled into Texas Southern University (TSU), a Historical Black College and University (HBCU). In 2005 he started Divine Unity 1 Inc., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation the vessel to be used to divinely unify in one people of all nation. In 2005 he started branch of Divine Unity 1 an organization on the campus of TSU (DU1@TSU). In 2006 he started Divine Unity 1 Unlimited LLC., (DU1 Unlmtd) a multi-media entertainment firm to aid in promoting and channeling to the masses his divine mission of unity. In 2008 he legally changed his name to: Elimelech Shmi Hebrew the name given to him by Yhwh the Spirit of Elohim. In 2008 he graduated with honors from Texas Southern University in the field of Criminal Justice. In 2011 he authored and published the book: AWAKEN: Revelations of Elimelech Shmi Hebrew. In 2015 he signed Divine Unity 1 Unlimited LLC., Staffing to an agreement with Aramark. Mr. Elimelech S. Hebrew celestial enlightened vision of Divine Unity 1 being used as a vessel to gather together people of all races, creeds, colors, ethnic backgrounds, and religions is coming to fruition; “Unity begins with you”.


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