Born in Ndwedwe, South Africa,  he lived in the rural mountains of Ogunjini where he kept his families sheep, a shepherd  child like unto the great King David. In 2001 at the age of eleven his mother left South Africa and moved to America taking with her his brother and sister, twins. In 2001 while living in America is brother Warren Smith was murdered in an random act of gang violence a gross epidemic plaguing the African American communities throughout the country. His mother sent for him to come to America but he refused due to his fear and apprehension of the tragic death his brother suffered at the tender age of sixteen. Nonetheless his mother persistently pleaded with him to come to America to be with her but still in fear of the unknown he refused. In 2003 as fate would have it, his South African grandmother Flormia Mthembu a well-known spiritual clairvoyant summoned him and spoke to him on going to American revealing to him there must be something to his calling to America that he should take a leap of faith and go to America, to pursuant his calling. Hearing the wisdom and love spoken by his grandmother he took her advice. In 2003 at the age of thirteen he left Ndwedwe and came to America to the city of Houston, Texas. Upon his arrival unbeknown to him at the time, a member of Divine Unity 1 Shaka Sulaiman was one of the people there to pick him up. His grandmother's words had not gone in vain his calling to America at that very moment began to take root. In 2008 after graduating from Lamar High he had a desire to learn the word of God he wanted to be a Christian missionary. He raised money to take seminary class to learn the truth his fire was lite. He was up reading the Bible and looking at You Tube videos seeking the truth and by faith he came across a Divine Unity 1 video of Elimelech Hebrew lecturing to inner city youth that touched and inspired him to learn more about the Hebrew faith. In September 2008 Hurricane Ike hit Houston, the city was devastated yet he sought to find truth, and came to a friend to ask questions about the Hebrew faith and as fate would have it the friend he sought was Shaka Sulaiman at that very moment he meet Hebrew and the other members of the Divine Unity 1 family. After meeting and speaking with Hebrew, he was moved to attend  a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Texas Southern University (TSU). In 2008 he was Vice President of Divine Unity 1 on the Campus of TSU. Since 2009-2015 he has been the President of DU1 on the Campus of TSU. He is a senior, majoring in communications, Radio Television and Film. He has been involved in media production for DU1 for two years, and upon graduation, he be the documentarian and media production director for DU1 Unlmtd multi-entertainment.

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