Studio Rates:
All studio time comes with the use of our studio, and basic studio equipment and we will provide the engineer and includes mixing of the track.  We also have artist packages, and non music tack recording. See price list below.

Our studio rate is $ 65

Pre-Paid Sessions:
8 Hours for $400.00

Full Artist packages: Call for pricing 

  • Studio session
  • Album Cover Design & Photography
  • Mix & Mastering
  • Demo package created
  • Music Video for album single (which includes, recording and editing)

We also Studio Recordings for  Non Music Tracks 

  • Radio Commercials:$ 65.00/hour
  • Audio Books: $ 65.00/hour
  • Voice Overs: $ 65.00/hour

Our company also offers mastering for artist who have recorded with us or who bring their music with them to our studio

Mastering Session: 

  • Mastering will be billed at $60 per song/track (interludes, intros, etc count as a song/track) up to 12 songs. 

Video Recording & Editing

All recording includes editing. We also offer editing for projects not done in our studio. Please call for pricing.

  • Music Videos
  • Event Coverage/Event Highlights
  • Commercials
  • Corporate How to’s and orientation videos