Born in Las Cruces, New Mexico he lived a normal life he attended Dick Dowling Middle school but at the age of twelve his parents got a divorce, and the father he loved was gone no longer in his life. In anger he became rebellious, he stopped going to school he roamed the streets with other troubled youth getting into fights. He never attended High school, instead he joined a gang and by the age of thirteen he was drinking and using heavy drugs and he began to rob, and steal for money and for fun. In 1976 at the age of sixteen his violent rampage came to an abrupt halt when he was charged for aggravated robbery of four individuals, and Texas, court certified him as an adult convicted him fifty years for each account whereby sentencing him to two hundred years in prison. In 1976 he was sent to the Ferguson Unit in Midland, Texas a hardcore criminal he refused to take orders from the prison guards, he was constantly thrown into solitary confinement. In 1982 his cantankerous behavior could no longer be tolerated he was removed from the Ferguson Unit and sent to the Century Unit in Sugarland, Texas. Although he was a very troubled man he knew even if he would spend the rest of his life in prison he would do whatever he could to prevent other young men and women especially minorities from destroying their lives with violence and drugs. Thus in 1983 while incarcerated he and five other inmates started the Texas Scared Straight Program. In 1996 he was released from prison where he did nineteen years and nine months in the pit of death and hell a place he would spend the rest of his life preventing others from going through. After his release from prison he refused to move back to Houston, TX  where he may lean on his mother or family and friends for help. Instead he had the fortitude of a man to stand on his own and rebuild his faith and his life. He moved to Temple, Texas to start his life anew, working his first job as a car porter. In two years he was moved to car salesman where he won salesman of the year award a tremendous achievement for a once lost soul. In 2003 he moved back to Houston and returned to doing what he was called on earth to do; save the hurt, abused and forgotten youth with his Operation Outreach OG-1 a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization his axiom, “Prevention before Detention”. He has contract programs with Harris county Juvenile Probation Department., the Alfonso Crutch Alternative School, the Community Liaison for State Representative Borris L. Miles   (Dist. 146....) When asked; why does he help children he says: "It is because I think, experience is the best teacher, and I have been through what most troubled youth are going through and I am a living witness that work and faith can bring you out of any dark place or places you may go through in your life and when God bless you, the gift is to give back and lift up others".

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